Charles “Charlie” Afterbuffalo Meyer

Charles Afterbuffalo Meyer (née Charles Timothy Afterbuffalo), 55, passed away on
August 18, 2020 in Coulee City, Washington. He was born on July 23, 1965 in Tacoma,
Washington to Theresa M. Afterbuffalo who predeceased him.
Charlie was raised in Olympia, Washington by Ernest L. and Barbara K. Meyer (both
deceased) with their family of eight sons (John, Tom, Stephen (deceased), Paul, James,
Edward, Martin and Sam). At that time he was known as Charles Loyola Meyer. He
graduated from the St. Michael Parish School in Olympia (grades 1 to 8) in 1979 and
from Olympia High School in 1983, where he enjoyed art classes, basketball, cross
country and track. Charlie attended Fort Steilacoom Community College and South
Puget Sound Community College.
Charlie worked mostly in the service industry as a waiter, bartender, cook or clerk.
While he lived in Olympia, his employers included the old “Crackers” restaurant, Fatso’s
and Westside Taverns, Charlie’s Bar & Grill, and The Bon/Macy’s. Charlie moved to
Soap Lake, Washington in 2011, spiritually connecting to the climate and unique
geography, enabling him to embrace further his Native American heritage. Charlie’s
employers in Soap Lake included Soap Lake Businessmen’s Club and the Del-Red Pub.
Charlie moved to Coulee City in 2019. When he died Charlie was employed as a
general laborer by HighLine Grain Growers, Inc.
As a child growing up in Olympia, Charlie collected sports cards. He developed an
enormous collection. He would divide the cards into teams and leagues of teams. The
teams would make trades and play each other, leading Charlie to become a formidable
opponent in Fantasy Football Leagues. Charlie was a lifelong fan of the Seattle
Seahawks. One of his dreams included the Seahawks winning a Super Bowl (dream
met)! Charlie enjoyed drawing. He had a great interest in architecture. Charlie became
a prolific writer of poetry. He rivaled the greatest of chefs with his gourmet skills on the
BBQ and smoker. Charlie loved being outdoors near lakes, rivers and, of course, good old Budd and Henderson Inlets of the south Puget Sound. He reflected often with long-
time friend Ellene Nations on the shores of Billy Clapp Lake near Soap Lake.

Charlie is survived by a large extended family including many in the family that raised
him and his Afterbuffalo siblings. He is also survived by former spouse Kimberly M.
Moore and his many friends including Philip Trepanier. Charlie’s and Philip’s friendship
began when they were children growing up in the same neighborhood and remained
strong for life. Charlie will be missed.
Charlie’s life can best be celebrated by way of a memorial contribution either to the Soap
Lake Food Bank at 325 Main Ave. E, Soap Lake, WA 98851 or to the Thurston County
(Olympia) Food Bank at 220 Thurston Ave. NE, Olympia, WA 98501.
See to sign online guestbook.

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