Gary Storer

Gary William Storer, a long-time Moses Lake resident, passed away peacefully in his home on February 19, at 6:40 a.m. He was married to Shirley Drapeau on August 25, 2005 in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. Shirley had three grown sons at the time; Matthew A. Fredley, Charles “Michael” Williams and Daniel T. Williams, all of Moses Lake.

Gary had no children of his own and he doted on Shirley’s sons and grandchildren as if they were his own: Matthew Fredley of Beaverton, Oregon, Mariah Willilams of St. Helen’s Oregon, Jazhia Decker of Portland, Oregon, Raven & Brooklynn Williams of Moses Lake, and Isabellla & Eimo Fredley, formerly of Moses Lake. They also had one great-grandaughter, Malia Fredley of Beaverton, Oregon.

Gary was born on October 29, 1955 and was a first-line descendant of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and a member of the Lake Band thereof. His parents were Agnes Taylor & Norman Storer from Gifford, Washington, both now deceased. He was raised by his grandparents, George and Florence Taylor of Gifford, Washington and grew up on their farm. His parents divorced when he was small and his mother moved to Moses Lake, and his father resided in Kettle Falls, WA.

Gary graduated from Columbia High School in Hunters WA. He was a star-football player and was offered a scholarship but instead wanted to work on the farms and ranches and earn a living doing what he loved.

Gary worked as a Supervisor at American Potato for 20 years and also worked at U&I Sugar.

He was an accomplished cattle-man, and was adept at raising all types of livestock. He also excelled at butchering, and helped many friends with their livestock undertakings. He was especially skilled and gifted at doctoring sick animals and was a source of advice for many of his friends.

He especially loved the “Old Ways” as he would say, and he taught his wife Shirley how to can fruits and vegetables and the meat that they raised. He loved traditional Country Music, and would say that today’s Country Music isn’t even “Country” anymore.

He loved showing his grandchildren the livestock, and he would delight in having them sit on his lap and drive the old pick-up to the ranch property on the gravel roads. He taught them how to mix the milk for the baby calves and how to bottle feed them, and how to round them up for the corrals. He taught the older ones how to shoot a rifle and how to fish.

He was wonderfully fond of fishing, and loved nothing better than fishing in a creek. He could spot where the fish would be hiding and where the best places to throw your hook in would be.

He touched many lives and was a loving, generous and kind husband, father and friend. He leaves a painful chasm that no one else can fill.

He was also survived by his Uncle, George Taylor of Rice, Washington and his favorite Cousin, Steve Taylor of Prosser, Washington.

Arrangements were handled by Pioneer Memorial Gardens of Moses Lake.

A private service was held at Our Lady of Fatima of Moses Lake on February 25.

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