Marjorie Ann Arvan

Marjorie Arvan, 77, of Soap Lake, passed away on March 24th after a hard-fought battle with leukemia. She spent her final days in the home she loved, visiting with close friends and family. Her last memories were of four generations of family and enjoying two big Gonzaga wins in the NCAA Tournament. Marjorie was known for her dedication to children and for her nectarines. Working with children brought her to Soap Lake where she fell in love with the lake and her husband of 58 years, Mike Arvan. They had two children Melody (Terry) Granillo and Michael (Nori) Arvan, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Marjorie was a school board member, Sunday school teacher, and 4-H leader; she worked to create activities and opportunities for children. Marjorie was the quintessential homesteader with a passion for the perfectly ripe nectarine.

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