Peniamena Taueu Misa

Peniamena “Ben” Taueu Misa, 63, passed away on Monday October 16 th , peacefully at home with his wife Kathy by his side, after a long and valiant battle with lung cancer.

Ben was born on March 29 th 1960 to Taueu and Mele Misa in Amanave, American Samoa. He grew up in Hawaii through his early 20’s as a free spirit living every day on the edge putting everything up to eleven. Listened to country music at top volume. Maybe this is the reason that later in life the tv had to be at top volume. A bit of a renegade even choosing to live several years in a tent on the beach in Hawaii. He was a man that lived by his own freedom and not by any other man’s rules.

He moved to the mainland to be closer to family that had moved there prior to him as family has always been deeply important to him.

In 1998 he met his wife Kathy Helgeson and they were married on August 6 th 2001. They each brought three children into the marriage. Ben fathered Tori, Ashley, and Ryan, and Kathy brought Kindra, Rachelle, and Jared.

Always a loving father and devoted husband, his favorite activities included watching the Seahawks, fishing, camping at the sand dunes, and cooking food for his wife and family. He always had a love for life and having fun with the people he cared about most. As a father to all six children he truly was our best friend and always had a joke, laugh, and a hug for all of us. As a husband he loved taking care of Kathy, making her favorite foods, and sharing life with her.

Ben loved everyone without needing cause or even needing to know them. He loved his people with all his heart truly unconditionally. He was the first to jump in to get a job done or handle any chore or task. His love language was surely Acts of Service as he showed his love in taking care of his wife and children in any way he knew was needed.

Ben’s most impactful life advice was his demonstration of tossing a rock into the water, saying ‘you see those ripples in the water? Those are the effects of your choices on you and everyone around you, do your best to always make wise choices.’

Peniamena Ben Taueu Misa is survived by his wife Kathy Helgeson, their children Tori, Kindra, Rachelle, Ashley, Jared, and Ryan and his 13 grandchildren. He was preceded in death by one grandchild, Noah Martin Peralta.

Ben lived by the famous Samoan quote “E le falala fua le niu, ae falala ona o le matagi” The coconut treedoes not sway by itself, it sways because of the wind. The proverb imparts the wisdom that things happen for a reason. No matter rain or shine he accepted all aspects of life as part of the plan and he chose happiness even in the darkest of days.

Samoan Proverb: ‘Ua solo i tua ni ao taulia’ The clouds, which once brought devastating rains, are now empty and retreating.

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